Offer a child

a safe place to land

Our passion is to first help families stay together, but in the cases where this is not possible, we want to see every child in a loving home. 

Whether you are interested in providing a temporary home for a child in need, or one that's more permanent, we can help give you a clear "next step".  

Become a resource parent

By becoming a Resource Parent (Foster Care/ Adoption), you will partner with Stanislaus County Child Welfare, to provide both short term and long term care for a child in need.  Whether you are interested in foster care of adoption, the process is now the same.  The first step is to attend Orientation to learn more about the program.

become a safe family

Another option is to become a Safe Family.  Safe Families come alongside birth families to provide support in the hopes that a child does not have to enter the foster care system.  You take on an "Extended Family" role for families in crisis. Bethany Christian Services heads up this program and would love to help your family start the process of certification.

become a resource parent


become a safe family